Totally and utterly baffled.


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On September 10th (approximately 21 days), my bestest friend/boy is home and I’ll finally have someone to spend all my time with. He promised, remember?



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Don’t ask where I’ve been.

Just know that I’m fine.

The longest without contact.


oh & i’m just waiting ’til the shine wears off.

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i dont really understand why i havent been chosen for love.
i’m no different to the other girls.
just somebody to hold hands with when i’m cold.
for the small things.
it’s not like i’ve never had it before, but it just doesnt last.
my lasting wish, for the last time.

Smells Like Teen Spirit.

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Some days I crave grunge. Smudged eyeliner, studs and excessive amounts of black appeal so much to me and are a perfect accompaniment to my heavy fringe (which is currently receiving little love for I cannot make it work!). However, it appears it is time to stop this deprivation!  For MONTHS I have been looking for a pair of heeled ankle boots. Jane from Sea Of Shoes ( demonstrated her mother wearing a beautiful pair of Alejandro Ingelmo pair from the f/w ’08 collection:


Aren’t they to die for? Nevertheless, the beautiful designer pair are way too expensive for my liking. *saaaadddfaceee!* I continued my search, following my inspirations on the way. Being the disgustingly terrible loser that I am, I watch Gossip Girl. I’d say it was for “fashion purposes” but it isn’t. Still, the attire is FANTASTIC. Especially that of Jenny Humphry. It appears that “Little J” has recently grown up and seen “the dark side”, adopting a harder look:



Once again, I do not have such Gossip Girl type funding. The search continues.
BUT! Yesterday, whilst going to the bank for my father, I thought I’d pop into the charity shop and there they were, MY BOOTS! Yes, the most perfect, most beautiful, most shiny pair of boots I ever saw:



I want to make sweet sweet love to these babies. They are ridiculously sexy and I want to stamp all over hearts in them. Now I am on the search for a best friend to these boots, the perfect grunge dress. Today, I am venturing to Westfield for an adventure with D, J, and DJ (aha!) to find this! More pictures to come..!

Gimme Shelter.

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I met yr friends and adored them. Especially the one who looked like the rockstar. ♥


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i’ll reveal later.

Shrinking Violet.

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This happened earlier..

“85. How long do you think you will live?
i hope i live long enough to work out who I am.”

I never really liked change much, however, I like life is be exciting and different. Its time for a big change. I dyed my hair, again. It’s now purple. School is finished for summer (I miss it and my friends more than ever) and I need something new. It’s late and I’m awake thinking of ways to go to sleep so I can make the most of my day tomorrow.

You excite me. Come with my change?


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My options are completely and utterly open. I’m over it. Single life has well and truely come into effect.

Plus, I have new clothes, new friends, new interests, new phone, NEW LEASE ON LIFE.

And i’m feeling full of it! (Life, that is)

oh, emily.

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Inspired by Emily from Skins (yessss, I am a loser), I dyed my hair a delicious deep red:


Opinions please?

The break seems to be going VERY well so far. Everything is looking up. New job, new hair, a potential new love interest. Yes, I still miss him but, I feel totally and utterly detached, which is exactly what I need right now!

Love ❤

We move along.

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Time to go home without looking back.

I like the way you hugged me tight last night, smiled and said “safe!” in that reassuring voice.
I’m going to miss you more than I thought, but I can’t wait.