Totally and utterly baffled.

7. The Dream Sound

Posted in different by loisemma on June 29, 08

i started reading perfect words. placed perfectly on typed up pages. i started letters that remained unfinished and spent time on special ones before placing them in clean white envelopes which i would soon scrawl addresses and doodles over. i bit my nails down when i drove. the red nail polish from 3 days ago was chipping so i gnaw away leaving little marks of 262, like drops of blood. i wish i’d photocopied what i wrote to b. something to read on lonely afternoons in my empty bed. in just one week, i’ll be sharing again, being teased, being taught, being taunted. then i’ll return home to an empty one again. it always feels so cold, the covers are my only vice.

this afternoon i’ll watch movies with beautiful boys and dream of next weekend. bright lights, loud voices and a face that’ll remain in my brain FOREVER.