Totally and utterly baffled.


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I have secrets. I have secrets most people know about. But the only person I wanna tell is you. I still dream of you and think of you when I shouldn’t. It still feels like someone is putting a knife through my heart everytime you grab another girl and kiss her the way you kissed me. I need to get over this.


For you, forever ago.

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This has never been about me.
I did this for you.
I did this for you.
Being there for you makes me the way I am.
Every single last one of you make up a part of me.
All the little things I take from your brains that you have revealed to me have made me the way I am today.
Things will change, sure, but because you’ve let me in on your worlds, your secrets, your deepest, darkest confessions.
I’ll be here.
I’ll be here.
You have my word.
I love you, friend(s), and I promise to never let go.