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Posted in Uncategorized by loisemma on October 15, 08

Classical Hollywood Cinema has to be my favourite class. Despite the fact that my lecturer, Alan, is a little (seriously, he’s about 5ft) gift from heaven, I look forward to watching Hollywood Classic”AL”s every Tuesday afternoon. Today, we watched “Bringing Up Baby”, a Hawksian delight from 1938. Despite having acute OCD myself, I adored Katharine Hepburn as the perfect mess, Susan Vance. Cary Grant, handsome as he is, plays David Huxley, a zoologist who finds himself in major bouts of trouble constantly. The coupling is superb and the two compliment each other fantastically.

Hawks portrays gender specific behaviour in a totally new light. The pair constantly embarass themselves in front of one another but there is never any shame. Neither is overshadowed by the other and nobody wears the trousers – just how it should be. Relationships dont have to be about compromise or playing it cool, just uncouth banter, with no shame and undying love.

Another classic, this time by Irving Rapper, circa 1942, is Now, Voyager. A continuing love story about once ugly duckling, Charlotte Vale (played by the amazing Bette Davis) and Jerry Durrance (Paul Heinreid). This film made me blub at the end but I most appreciate the gorgeous clothes Davis wears throughout (well, despite the opening scene when she is at her worst). Sadly, I could not find any photos of these but here are some stills anyway:

How I yearn for a updo and a pair of black gloves.



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  1. Mummy said, on October 15, 08 at 6:23 am

    I loved this, FABULOUS!!!

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