Totally and utterly baffled.


Posted in Uncategorized by loisemma on September 12, 08

My feet may just fall off. I just went shopping. Hardcore style.
As a huge fan of current trend, tartan, I was searching frantically for a pair of skinny jeans with a lovely checked print. H&M had exactly what I was looking for. Other purchased items were a white shirt with a black bow and a blue and black zigzag (boyish, oversized, yes) cardi.
Next, primark. 2 pairs of high heels. Beauutifulll lace up victorian style high heeled boots and leather shiny grey heels – score.
I bought 2 tapers for my left lobe which I am now stretching up to a 4mm. I’m so excited!
Zara was full of goodies which I took full advantage of. In Israel, I bought so much Zara stuff and adored the TRF range for the younger buyer. I headed straight to that section of the store and tried on lots of things. I opted for a white gypsy shirt with black and red stitching and a oversized tshirt with a tattooed woman on it (an ode to Miami Ink ♥!)
Wonderful stuff.
I’m very excited for the weekend and to wear my new threads, woooo!
Happy Thursday, kids.
I’m too happy for my own good right now.


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