Totally and utterly baffled.

Fresh as a fresher.

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I am all moved into my new flat in Crewe. University is a mixture of emotions. Last night I was a wreck. Today I’m on top of the world. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.




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 About 4 years ago, I met Sprout (no need for an initial here, the boy has a nickname). We’ve met once since then. After speaking Christmas Day 2004, we chatted for years and years and became best friends. I havent seen him for nearly 2 years but Skype sessions with him always make me smile and I can’t wait for him to come and visit (with his hat collection and ukelele, of course!)
Today, I have been packing my life away (and waving goodbye to my nerves, finally!) for university, talking to old friends, watching war film clips and listening to The Doors. Perfect.
Tomorrow is busy.


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Yesterday, I was extremely pleased with my outfit choice, even if I was spending the afternoon in Costco with D and her family:


Cardigan, Shirt and Shoes: H&M
Jeans: Diesel
Bag: Primark
Ring: Source

..Only to be followed by a terrible evening of queueing in tartan trousers (intentionally, may I add) and beautiful boots. Photos to follow…


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My feet may just fall off. I just went shopping. Hardcore style.
As a huge fan of current trend, tartan, I was searching frantically for a pair of skinny jeans with a lovely checked print. H&M had exactly what I was looking for. Other purchased items were a white shirt with a black bow and a blue and black zigzag (boyish, oversized, yes) cardi.
Next, primark. 2 pairs of high heels. Beauutifulll lace up victorian style high heeled boots and leather shiny grey heels – score.
I bought 2 tapers for my left lobe which I am now stretching up to a 4mm. I’m so excited!
Zara was full of goodies which I took full advantage of. In Israel, I bought so much Zara stuff and adored the TRF range for the younger buyer. I headed straight to that section of the store and tried on lots of things. I opted for a white gypsy shirt with black and red stitching and a oversized tshirt with a tattooed woman on it (an ode to Miami Ink ♥!)
Wonderful stuff.
I’m very excited for the weekend and to wear my new threads, woooo!
Happy Thursday, kids.
I’m too happy for my own good right now.

RAIN DOWN ON ME (from a great height)

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“Subjective is love’s true form but not love’s definition” – Lois Emma, 2008

After assessing facebook statuses (as you do!), I came across a link to a Radiohead concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl from 5 days ago which was available to listen to. ALL two hours of it. Today could be my “lucky” day. As a Radiohead fan (past, present and future) this made me blithe! I proceeded to listen and was nevertheless impressed. The piano was beautiful and the reporter said all the right things – “There are so many people here who never sat down from the first note onwards”.  I have never seen the band live and am really dying to. Lois Emma has got The Bends.

I continued my search further. In November of last year, when In Rainbows was released, I was able to catch a podcast where “Faust Arp” was performed at the top of a hill by Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood. I reminded myself of this clip by going to YouTube. Whilst there, I watched a video by Gabriel Barcia-Colombo (also to Faust Arp). He kept with one setting and the character moved in accordance to the music. The end and the beginning of the video were the same whilst the middle was filled up with different emotionally expressive movement. The journey continues. I came across more videos by Gabriel Barcia-Colombo. My favourite creation was The Achaean Press by Frog Eyes, a Canadian band known for their highly idiosyncratic style. 

Amazingly fitting stuff. As a “budding young film writer”, this was full of inspiration for new ideas and gave me a new band to listen to!

My letter to U is finished. I’m going to post it tomorrow when my cheque has cashed. I hope he likes it. It took a while. I love letter writing 🙂

I also made my very own chocolate raisins with Nutella – delicious!

I needed this.

“Today has been the most perfect day I have ever seen”  Videotape, In Rainbows.

come back to me the way we were when we were young.

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I’m DYING to update my accesories..

It’s been a strange week. I’m getting scared to move on but I want nothing more to move away. I’ve been writing letters to faraway friends who I wish I could be with. I leave messages with lovers.  I hate going to average clubs with average people to dance to average music. I wish things hadn’t lost their sparkle.