Totally and utterly baffled.


Posted in Uncategorized by loisemma on August 18, 08

Sporting a gorgeous look of cling film wrapped around my head. I’m deep conditioning and for some reason it’s making my eyes water. Oh well, say hello to glossy, soft hair! 🙂

The day has finally arrived when “le plaisir coupable”  and i rekindle. I’m not entirely sure what we are rekindling but we’ll see. Unfortunately, August 18th (today) was rescheduled for August 19th, which happens to be tomorrow, excited! I’m looking forward to Fight Club, toasted cheese sandwiches and calling him squidgy.

I’m running errands today. I need a “nice” passport photo (can you even develop nice passport photos? I always thought those machines were programmed to make you look like a ghost/drug addict/criminal) for my university ID. I’ll go to the bank for Ro (who is currently in NY, I’m so jealous and would do anything for an afternoon in Manolo Blahnik in the city), empty all the bags I’ve used since America (which is like, 10, lots of work + lost lighters!), and tidy my room, just like every other day.

Tonight, S and I are going to have a movie marathon (See, I’m practising for my degree) and a gossip. I haven’t seen her since before camp and am very excited!

I bought new shoes (£10 in H&M!) but don’t have a camera to show you, as soon as I do, they’re on here!



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