Totally and utterly baffled.

we trade liquor for blood, in an attempt to tip the scales.

Posted in Uncategorized by loisemma on July 28, 08

I was just having a browse on Fred Flare and came across some cute little pretties!

The little tooth earrings are my favourite, although, I’d only be able to actually wear one as my left ear is currently stretching. I’ve finally decided to go up to a 8mm and have found a gorgeous plug to wear in it!

Last night was G’s birthday so I popped into the pub for a Martini and Lemonade (drink of choice) with her and S before coming home and having people over. Lots of people from YC are here, so it was a nice little reunion.

Today, I’m going shopping for camp cos some essentials are needed! I might just treat myself, we’ll see! 🙂

I’m still SO excited for camp. Although, rather sad that I miss C’s arrival back home. He has promised me a surprise when I’m back, so I look forward to that!

Have a good day, lovers.


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