Totally and utterly baffled.

9. lucky charms

Posted in Uncategorized by loisemma on July 1, 08

everything’s sorted. i’ll arrive on wednesday. leave the following sunday. i’m with you the first weekend. i’m scared. i spoke to your mother on the phone. your father screamed her name as loud as he could. i can stay as long as i want. i wish i could. that wouldn’t really be the best of ideas though. i’d never get over you that way. still, i get to stay with 3 other people i’m really excited to see. i’m so excited, i could scream.

lunch was filled with happiness. k, j and i had sushi. satay, maki and noodles for me. washed down with a cold cola. tonight, i wrote up activities for 15 year olds. watched films. made overseas phonecalls and sorted my itinerary.

i wish i spoke french. audrey tatou sounds more perfect than anyone i’ve ever heard. i wish a life like amelie’s would work. to live through dreams, and codes, and photographs. still, listening to people speak french made me think of a certain guilty pleasure. c, a impeccably dressed, skinny, french speaking pleasure. he’s travelling but texts pretty much every night. his words filled with lust. “our silent speech up until now makes me think i’m gonna miss you in a weird way”. he likes the word weird. he is weird. we’ll see what happens on his return.



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