Totally and utterly baffled.


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It’s about time I get off to camp. Upon return, guilty pleasures greet me. Excited!!

Have a good two weeks. x


we trade liquor for blood, in an attempt to tip the scales.

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I was just having a browse on Fred Flare and came across some cute little pretties!

The little tooth earrings are my favourite, although, I’d only be able to actually wear one as my left ear is currently stretching. I’ve finally decided to go up to a 8mm and have found a gorgeous plug to wear in it!

Last night was G’s birthday so I popped into the pub for a Martini and Lemonade (drink of choice) with her and S before coming home and having people over. Lots of people from YC are here, so it was a nice little reunion.

Today, I’m going shopping for camp cos some essentials are needed! I might just treat myself, we’ll see! 🙂

I’m still SO excited for camp. Although, rather sad that I miss C’s arrival back home. He has promised me a surprise when I’m back, so I look forward to that!

Have a good day, lovers.

Yogaaa Flaaaameee!

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After an incredible week in Sussex with FZY for camp training, I have returned to an empty home for 3 days of nothing. Bliss.

Hi to A.S! Thanks for reading.

When will you flirt with all that’s burning?

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This Thursday, R and I went to The Roundhouse in Camden to see The Mars Volta. I’m a HUGE fan of De-Loused in the Comatorium and haven’t heard alot of their other stuff, so I went with an open mind, hoping they’d play some stuff I knew.

We arrived 45 minutes early, expecting some kind of support act for us to “warm up” to. It seemed that The Mars Volta had chosen to eschew the traditional gig format – they’d come straight on, play for 2 hours straight, with no encore and hardly speaking to the audience. The venue played some interesting, to say the least, music to get the crowd going, but nothing really was working. They roared for Cedric and Omar to rattle their eardrums with thrashy, shiny guitar solos and ridiculously beautiful shimmering screamed vocals. Finally, a skinny, big haired silhouette enters the stage. The crowd are screaming and clapping and I see limbs flailing above heads. Cedric is here. And he followed by the rest of the band. As everyone picks up their instruments, I realise there are a lot of members in this band, which is why they sound so spectacular.

I stood in my place ready to sing my head off at a crowd-pleaser. Something familiar that the band would open for their fan based audience. Obviously, they burst out with fast drum beats, mind blowing guitar solos, thumpy bass lines and Cedric’s wickedly incredible voice. But the crowd look confused. What is this song? Still, the few bop their heads and lift their arms up. Either way, it provided an apt opening, enabling the crowd to get accustomed to the aural and visual onslaught that would follow it.

Every song flowed wonderfully into the next, parted by eerie bass and cymbals. I still hadn’t heard anything I knew but was beginning to enjoy myself more and more, tapping my feet and moving my body around, getting totally lost in the sound. It seemed that everyone around me was also. Watching Cedric move around on the stage was great too. He seemed to throughly enjoy what he was doing. A lot of the songs included royal-esque saxophone calls, played by a man who didn’t look right at the edge of the stage. It complemented the sounds of the band perfectly.

Finally, something I knew was played. “Drunkenship of Lanterns” really got everyone dancing along and screaming the lyrics. This would also be the finale. The band ended in true style. LOUD. I shut my eyes for the end of it, taking it all in. My feet ached, my back hurt but it didn’t matter. This was epic.

The set was heavy with tracks from their most recent album and not very many from the others. Although, I got the impression that a Mars Volta concert isn’t simply about the individual songs. It’s a far more isolated, singular experience than your average rock concert – each song bled into the next, the breaks constructed by bridging jams and solos. I was completely mesmerised by the intensity of the performance.

After a night of insane sound, I fancied something a bit chilled before bed. I put my ipod on shuffle and hoped for the best. As the melodies of Beirut filled my ears, I realised this was exactly what I was looking for and drifted soundly off to sleep.

This weekend shall be full of pleasures. Today, I’ll watch old videos in front of the telly before getting dolled up for a night out with my girls. Sushi in Soho and then a wander.. lovely. Tomorrow, D and I are going for lunch (our first proper meeting, I’m excited! He seems splendid) and then an afternoon on the Heath for E’s birthday. Keeping busy.

Lots of love, L. xxxx


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(I’ve decided that the numbers in each title of my entries was annoying me, so I have stopped!)

Yesterday, G, S, L and I went into Camden for a girlie day! We had lunch at Wagamama’s and spent the rest of the day wandering around. I decided that I was FINALLY going to stretch my ear and bought a 2mm taper and will gradually go up to a 6 or 6.5mm. Yes, it is painful, but I’ve wanted it so long, I guess I’ll have to grin and bear it!

Today, I’ve spent the day lazing around, listening to Lil’ Wayne (C introduced me to his new album whilst I was in Jersey and I have fallen in love with it!) and Snake Pliskin (the band of a friend who I stayed with whilst in America). Both are awesome and my music collection is expanding wonderfully!!

My wardrobe has grown in the past 2 weeks, so here is a collection of the new things I bought.

This skirt is my favourite newcomer. The top is really old and from Zara but teams perfectly! I’m becoming quite a fan of the high-waist, which you’ll see as I continue..

This top for some reason, reminds me of Christmas! It’s actually quite baggy, which you can’t see here, which is good for bad days! I love this skirt, apart from the fact the waistband is REALLY thick. Any ideas on what I could wear it with?

I love these tshirts, which both need ironing, badly! The yellow Technics one on the left is the best thing I’ve bought all year. As an aspiring radio DJ, it’s perfect for me! They are skinny but baggy, a flattering fit.

You can’t really see here, but this waistcoast is the most STUNNING shade of purple. I love love love it!

A scarf for all seasons! After months of disputing whether to buy this AA scarf which can be “worn 15 different ways!”, I decided to finally end the pain and bought it. I opted for this gorgeous red colour, with help from B! 🙂

It seems that I’ve also “revisited” a lot of my wardrobes delights also, inventing new outfits for all kinds of occasions. Here’s a couple of them:

I used to be a GIANT fan of the polka dot. I got this skirt in a charity shop last year. It’s an EXTREMELY old Marks and Spencers creation and came with a matching top with gold buttons that looks great with jeans. If and when I where this outfit out, I’d team it with my chiffon red scarf (which can be found in a previous entry!) and my white high heeled sandals!

Please excuse the ridiculous pose I’m pulling here. It was the only way the essence of this could captured! It’s been about 8 years since I last tucked something in (or went against my parents ruling!) This top is actually really long and huge and belongs to my sister. I love the colour of it. The jeans are really old and have worn away, explaining the tear at the knee. I love this though. It’s really fun for just a day out with friends and looks great with darker jeans and coloured pumped for a night out.

Finally, my favourite new addition! B’s crimson jumper/shirt which was given to me by him. A wonderful way to remember my favourite boy when he’s a gazillion miles away and a lovely way to keep cosy!


Everything is great right now!

Keep smiling, kids!

10. For Incidents Abroad.

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America was a glittering adventure. The city was humid and hot. We partied all night, drinking cold beers and smoking ourselves silly. I got higher with every hit like a floating kite, but really felt it when I locked lips with B. Finally, familiar puffy white clouds hugged me with happiness. A feeling I’d miss and will once again. I watched the bright lights of funfairs and Times Square with glazed eyes, completely withdrawn from a different kind of society. B was my favourite drug. Fuck uppers, he was all I needed. All the sides switched. Him being the one to hold my clammy hands in the middle of the village. The one who grabbed me when we got out of the car after an adrenaline filled day to keep my full heart beating fast. Telling me on packed trains that he’d read the letter. That we’re allowed to make mistakes and how he was sorry it was too late. That he loved me too. Except, this time, I was less in love. Guilty pleasures have taken over my mind and I could be moving on.

We took more and more and lifted up our skinny arms, opened our mouths and forgot our troubles on super-exciting rides. Our feet got achey and our minds grew tired with time but we didn’t care. I ran my hands through gorgeous golden hair. Just like old times. I was sad to go home. I buried my hair in B’s soft crimson sweatshirt that smelt like him on the plane on the way home. My eyes leaked a little.

Anyway, as much as I love you, New York City, I love my new MBMJ’s bracelet.. Thanks, M!


As upset I was before, I am as happy now. Everything has slotted together perfectly and I’m once again happy. Let’s hope this keeps up. Just like I was.

9. lucky charms

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everything’s sorted. i’ll arrive on wednesday. leave the following sunday. i’m with you the first weekend. i’m scared. i spoke to your mother on the phone. your father screamed her name as loud as he could. i can stay as long as i want. i wish i could. that wouldn’t really be the best of ideas though. i’d never get over you that way. still, i get to stay with 3 other people i’m really excited to see. i’m so excited, i could scream.

lunch was filled with happiness. k, j and i had sushi. satay, maki and noodles for me. washed down with a cold cola. tonight, i wrote up activities for 15 year olds. watched films. made overseas phonecalls and sorted my itinerary.

i wish i spoke french. audrey tatou sounds more perfect than anyone i’ve ever heard. i wish a life like amelie’s would work. to live through dreams, and codes, and photographs. still, listening to people speak french made me think of a certain guilty pleasure. c, a impeccably dressed, skinny, french speaking pleasure. he’s travelling but texts pretty much every night. his words filled with lust. “our silent speech up until now makes me think i’m gonna miss you in a weird way”. he likes the word weird. he is weird. we’ll see what happens on his return.