Totally and utterly baffled.


Posted in General by loisemma on June 11, 08

After a wonderful day around London yesterday (with delights such a Brick Lane, cream cheese bagels, birthday presents, a new look Oxford St Topshop, Ribena and Hyde Park), I have decided to take another trip into the park today! Although, I hobbled around for most of the day yesterday, due to a sore ankle! I am really unsure of what occured there, but it still hurts! Hopefully, today’s pleasures will help to take my mind off the nasty thing!

I’m also hoping the rain stays off today, I don’t fancy a soggy lunch with an old friend. M is wonderful, and I haven’t seen him in just under 2 years. Judging from photos, he hasn’t changed at all, apart from a couple of piercings, but I can’t wait to give him a big hug again!

Yesterday, I managed to buy myself a lovely pair of blue button earrings in The Laden Showroom. Here I am sporting them, looking all British in red, white and blue! :

The Laden Showroom in Brick Lane is a wonderful shop which sells pieces by over 15 designers, who each have a little booth each. Everytime I go in, there is always something different to choose from. It’s relatively pricey but it has lots of nice ideas on making your own stuff too!

Still not warm enough to wear my playsuit 😦

My sister was kind enough to give me her old Ipod yesterday, which I was increasingly happy about. Even though the screen is a bit muddled and coloured, I now have a place to store all my music so I can listen to GOOD STUFF on the train! I’m so happy. Luckily, my friend J was lovely enough to load ITunes on my computer for me at the beginning of my year off, so everything transferred over very nicely equalling a super smiley Lois!

Life seems to be looking up. Over the year off, I fell for one of my best friends, B. He’s a guitarist from New Jersey with hardcore social ADD and floppy blonde locks. As time went by, I got deeper and deeper and in the end found myself in love with him. Before we left, I wrote him an intense letter, explaining everything, how much I liked him, how he made me feel, etc. I handed it to him on the second to last day and told him to read it whenever he wanted. I’m still waiting eagerly for a response. I’m so scared. At night it gets worse, when I’m alone and have time to think. This boy has really got to me. I will be seeing him really soon and I really hope everything sorts itself out. The worst thing is, I can no longer listen to Explosions in the Sky without thinking of him! Rawr. Men.

Anyway, I need to be off, dressing to do and hair to straighten.
Goodbye, kids.


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