Totally and utterly baffled.


Posted in General by loisemma on June 10, 08

After being inspired by my pal Rosie, I have decided to make myself a wordpress. I used to have a blog on Diaryland, but I started that in 2001, and 7 years later think I may just be growing out of it!

I suppose I should start with a small profile. I’ll try to keep it brief in fear of boring you!
I’m Lois. Lois Emma. Emma being my middle name. I never used to like it much, but have adopted it for “pen name” purposes. My surname is Shafier. My ancestors were Danish and that’s all I know really. I believe very much in looking forward rather than back although often find myself reading old love letters or wall posts from the past just to reminisce and smile. Even I’m a stronger believer in the future, I am mortified of growing up. I have no clue about mortgages or taxes or any of those things!
I’m 19 years old and currently on my gap year. A week ago, I returned from a 9 month organised trip to Israel, where I studied, “experienced” and volunteered. Whilst being there, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and although I’m doing fine now, I often find myself falling back into that “dreaded hole” on bad days. Being away from home for such a long period time made me realise so many things about myself. I have grown up in so many ways and have already started to use my found realisations in my home life.
This summer is full of fun. In just 3 weeks, I will be travelling to New York to visit my lovely American pals before heading onto New Jersey to see some more! I will only be on the East Coast for 10 days before returning home to England. A mere 11 days later, I shall be leading a Jewish summer camp for 15 year olds in Dorset which I am very much looking forward to! This tiring 3 weeks finishes mid-August when I shall be getting a job (eek!) before going to uni late-September.
Next year, I shall be studying at Manchester Metropolitan. The course I have chosen is Film and Television with Cultural Studies. My huge interest in Media and love for Culture make this the perfect course for me, and I’m extremely excited to start!

So yes, that’s me.

Today, I am meeting a friend around lunchtime for fun in Brick Lane, one of my favourite places in London. It is the first time I’m getting into town upon my return and cannot wait! It all seems very weird not feeling part of a place you’ve belonged to your entire life after being away for a year, but after a couple of hours, the pieces start to fit together again and a love lost comes flooding back.
I wish it was warmer today. I bought the cutest little playsuit over the weekend that is sitting in my wardrobe DYING to be worn!
I probably should have a shower, the pyjamas I took to Israel have all caught a rotten stench that will not go away, even after 2-3 washes! I should probably chuck them out..
I often find myself procastinating most early morning. Today, I am writing a letter to my penpal, savouring a crumpet and gulping down a cold cup of apple juice whilst facebook chatting with friends.

I’m off, enjoy your day, lovers.


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